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Welcome To Our Home

Come in! The coffee is brewing. Do you like sugar and milk in your coffee? Maggie is making canoas with the plantains I picked yesterday. You are welcome to look around.

My name is Greg and my gorgeous wife’s name is Maggie. Throughout the internet we are known as Lastheart (Maggie) and Froggy213. Maggie and I are writers. Together we have been writing and publishing bilingual books on pueblos here in Puerto Rico. They are excellent guides if you are planning on a visit here. They make great gifts. Maybe you want to help your children learn Spanish, or English…These work great for that also. The following carousel holds those books along with our fictional book that we hope will become a movie, Kayro’s Key. You can click the book you want and buy it through Amazon at a great price. Below that is a slideshow of all the other books I have published. You can click those too. By the way, most of these books are on Amazon Kindle too.

Both Maggie and I have been writing for quite some time. We both write our own blogs. They are:

Maggie Soy Libre

Wordly Not Worldly

You can also see many of our writings at under Lastheart and Froggy213. We have decided to have our own website. This is it.

If you enter The Words We Write page, you will find links to our subdomains.

You can also see and buy many of the books we have published. We will have other books that have inspired and enlivened us too.

Make yourself at home!

Learn more about the Boricua and the Gringo. Just visit the About Us page and read our biographies.

Join us here in our home. I believe I hear a coqui singing in the background and life is wonderful here in beautiful Puerto Rico!

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